Curly Sue
Looks Like: 
Missouri Foxtrotter
25 years 9 months
Rescue Group:
Best Friends Animal Society
5001 Angel Canyon Road
(435) 644-2001

Curly Sue is one of the most interesting and unusual horses we've ever met. She is a Missouri Fox Trotter with a rare recessive curly gene which causes her coat to be very curly and also means that she doesn't grow much mane or tail. She has a few minor health issues, but she is one of the friendliest, sweetest girls and a joy to have around. She was ridden at one time but is a bit neurological which makes her stumble when ridden so we just consider her a pasture pal these days. She's a fan favorite of visitors and volunteers because she loves to be groomed, loves to interact with people, and has quite a fun and quirky 'horsenality.' She is getting to be a senior (born in 1998), but has a lot of love left to give. If you need some extra joy and laughter in your life, Curly Sue might be just the gal for you!