Looks Like: 
Cattle Dog (short coat)
Rescue Group:
Best Friends Animal Society
5001 Angel Canyon Road
(435) 644-2001

Avon is a very athletic dog who loves doing agility. She also enjoys playing with other dogs here at the Sanctuary.When it comes to people, Avon is a little more reserved. She is shy and fearful with strangers and used to do a "muzzle punch? when she got really scared. Now that she's gained some confidence, she no longer does that, and she has made a lot of progress meeting new people. It still takes time, a few walks and lots of treats before she is totally comfortable with someone. Once she is, she loves attention and really enjoys belly rubs.Avon was born in 2008. She used to be reactive on a leash, but Dogtown trainers and caregivers have helped her to overcome that challenge as well. Still, Avon will need a person or a family who will remind her about her manners now and again. She also has a delicate digestive system; she's had part of her intestines removed, so she needs medication and a food that won't hurt her tummy.This sensitive girl just wants someone special to make her feel safe. Could that person be you?